Spa Facials in Edinburgh

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Published: 07th April 2010
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Spa Facials in Edinburgh

Located in the heart of the Scotland's capital Edinburgh, Zen Lifestyle Beauty and Spa Salon has plenty to offer to their customers. Their beauty treatments are at the highest standard and as well as the beauty procedures, they offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, which contributes to the customer's satisfaction and well-being. The spa has lots of treatments available starting with tanning, waxing, mineral make-up, permanent hair removal, facials, and spa packages. Luxury pedicure and relaxing therapeutic massages are also available. Most of the treatments are unisex, i.e. for men and women. Wide range of spa facials are on offer and this includes procedures and products from famous skincare brands like Elemis and Murad, plus the great Zen signature products and facials. All of the facials have a huge therapeutic as well as pampering and relaxing effect. The anti-aging services are provided by procedures like advanced resurfacing, collagen facials, anti-wrinkle facials etc. in order to soothe, re-hydrate and relax the skin.

As well as the most popular and well-established worldwide brands of facials and skincare as Elemis, Murad and their own label - Zen signature, Zen Lifestyle clinic offers some new and alternative types of facials and peels, like MD facials and peels. They include MD Formulations Prescriptive Facial - a truly comprehensive treatment used as an introduction to the MD Formulations Glycolic product range where the treatment is customized according to the person's needs and individual skin. The MD Formulations Glycolic Peel is based on the glycolic's properties to penetrate the epidermis and remove dead skin cells, which minimizes the pores, helps anti-aging, repairs sun damage, treats fine lines and problematic skin. For better results, glycolic peel has to be combined with red light treatment. MD Formulations Alpha Beta Peel contains Salicylic Acid and higher concentration of Glycolic Acid for best results.

The skin clinic also offers some modern peel procedures. One of the latest attainments in skin technology from the pioneers of the use of AHA's in skincare is Priori Advanced AHA Peel. There is a skin renewal system called Priori's Professional Skin Renewal System used to increase and maximize the results achieved by using Priori Advanced AHA products. This method profoundly peels the skin helping то restore the skin's natural capacity to hold moisture. It's great for mature, dehydrated, sun damaged and acne scarred skin. The effects from this peel can be increased by combination with Omnilux session. Another advanced peel used is Priori Superceutical Peel with Idebenone. Known as the world's most powerful antioxidant yet invented, Idebenone is used in the first superceutical anti-aging treatment. The peel is a combination of three main components - AHA, BHA and the super antioxidant Idebenone. The treatment has a huge impact on skin's elasticity, texture, wrinkles, clarity etc. The effect can also be enhanced by a session of Omnilux treatment. Priori Forté Medical Peel or The Priori Forté Lactic acid chemical peel contains 50 to 70 percent free lactic acid, also known as milk acid. This advanced peel is meant to stimulate the dermal proteins - collagen and elastin, and to increase dermal and epidermal moisture levels. Its ideal for problem skin, reoccurring acne, sun damaged, aging skin.

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